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Christmas is on the doorstep and if you don’t have a present already, it’s time to decide. Yesterday it was Siri’s turn to tell you what surfer girls like for Christmas, now it’s mine to tell you what the boys are into.

Apart from the fact that in most cases some beer will do, here’s some inspiration on how to treat your surfer boy. The list goes from easy and relatively affordable gifts to some he will never forget. As girls know, the best gift’s can’t be purchased with one click. The kick-ass-end of the list therefore involves some googling and fantasy.

Take him to the movies and make him dream.

christmas gifts surferThere are hundreds of surf movies out there and boys love surf movies! The question is what’s even better than watching your favorite surf-flick at home? Exactly: watching it with tons of friends and likeminded people in the local cinema.

Blue Magazine tours around Switzerland and Germany with their “Surffilmnacht” and there are lots of surf film festivals around the globe. The real trick isn’t the invitation itself, though. It’s hiding it in a box of Kona Longboard Lager or any other surf-related beer. He loves surfing in California? Lost Coast breweries “Great White” is your choice. I could make a list here, but it would go endless. That’s where your creativity comes in. 

Talking about beer is like talking about surfing.

Every man loves a beer subscription, also christmas gifts surferBeers are like waves, but easier to catch and surfers can spend hours talking about each one’s distinct personality.

Why not surprise him with a monthly subscription from It’s €26/month and you can do it online. If you’re quick, the first box will be arriving on time. If you like it more personal, find the retailer of your choice (typically a beer lover and therefore knowing a thing about it) and put his monthly box together yourself. That way, you can take into account to what he liked most.

Wakesurfing Switzerland with ceccotorrenas christmas gifts surfer
It’s always nice to get wet. Wakesurfing can get the most out of a day at the lake.

Take him to the water ’cause it’s nice to get wet.

If he just started surfing, never surfed a manmade wave before or you’re landlocked and your next the surf trip is not yet scheduled, go for a wakesurf session.

Ceccotorrenas Wakeboard School will be more than happy to make a voucher for the next summer. It’s fun, it’s on a board, it’s water and it’s pretty close to the real stuff. A single session is usually around €55 for 15 minutes and if you don’t live anywhere close to Lake Zurich just google for your next wakeboard-school. A special sea-salt (because wakesurfing usually takes place in tasteless sweet water) makes the surprise more personal and last longer as he’ll be reminded every time he uses the salt.

Boys like toys, especially if they connect to their smartphones.

 The Search GPSIt’s runtastic for surfers, pretty much a useless toy but great! “The Search GPS” from Rip Curl keeps track of your boy’s surf session. Not only will he love to compare his waves, read out top speeds and see how many waves he really took. It will also be beneficial for you, as you can monitor what he really does in the lineup. Surfing or just flirting with that girl in the fancy wetsuit?

Make him improve like a boss.

Every surfer wants to improve and for most of us, it’s a lifelong journey. He will love you for taking care of his skills and it’s relatively easy: google for a coach/trainer on your next surf trip location and get in touch to announce your arrival and settle a deal.

Once you arrived, let the coach take care of your love for a day and do something else. Don’t join, because the best part will be seeing him raving in the evening and you don’t want to spoil your own fun. Expect between €100 and €300, depending on your location and the duration of the session.

Up for a surf trip of a lifetime?

If you just booked your Maldives boat-trip, help him to be prepared like never before. A couple of sessions with a a personal trainer that knows what surfing is about can do wonders! But be aware, to coach can’t do any magic. But he can show your love how to do it.

Building strength and paddle power, improve balance and agility, getting rid of too many beers over time, you name it. He will catch every wave and will never forget what you’ve done for him! Ask the trainer what he thinks, but if your significant other isn’t a couch potato, 5 sessions (usually around €100/each) should be enough to trigger him. 


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One month to go and you still don’t have any gift for your surfer girlfriend? No need for panic!

As a surfer with a boyfriend who also surfs I experienced that this is normal, you might only have the recent swell forecast in your mind. Good news for you: Here’s a list of Christmas gifts for your surfer girl to make your decision easy and you still have time. Most of this is self-made from people I met along the way or from other surfers and travelers that inspire me. Precious things made with lots of love and care, exactly what all girlfriends want. I picked gifts from all ranges of budget, so even if you are saving for your next surf trip, you will find something that fits your wallet, lifestyle and love.

A colorful bag for her fins.

Christmas gifts for your surfer girl: Custom fin bags.Girls are organized (even surfer girls!) and they take care of their valuables. This bag is a perfect gift for any surfer girl who likes to care of her favorite fins and travels with them around the world. I met Franzi, the owner of hi oceanlovinggirls, in a snowboard camp and found out that she is a passionate landlocked surfer like me. She created her own brand to share surf products to likeminded girls and I immediately felt in love with her stuff. The fin bags are available in different colors and cost €19,95 each. As a Christmas special, writing “X-mas” on your order is enough to get them wrapped and ready for the christmas tree. How sweet is that?

hi oceanlovinggirls is located in Germany and ships worldwide. Order today and you should be safe for Christmas. Keen to enhance your present? Fill the bag with your girlfriends most wanted fins or her most-liked chocolates/candies.

Beach in a bottle.

beach-in-a-bottle is one of the most romantic Christmas gifts for your surfer girlGirls and jewelries match like chalk and cheese! You surely know the saying “Diamonds are a girls best friends”? For a surfer girl you don’t need to rush for diamonds to impress her on Christmas. Beach in a bootle is made by a pinch of salt, a surfer/photographer from Austria. Alex and I have in common that we live near the alps and love freeriding but also lost our heart to the ocean and the surf. Inspired by all the beaches she has seen during her surf trips she created her own handmade jewellery with items from the beach and of course a lot of love. Very precious pieces (but still affordable!) that remind a surfer girl of her days at the beach.

“Beach in a bottle” can be ordered with sand from over 20 beaches around the world. If yours isn’t on the list, fill it yourself or include a tiny letter saying that you will go with her and fill it together (100 points on the *romantic* scale!). This necklace costs you €16 and if you want to customize it you should order it pretty soon. It takes 10 to 12 days to produce it and another few days for shipping.

Beanies with a purpose.

christmas gifts for your surfer girl: warm ears with Dana Beanies.Your surfer girl needs a beanie to protect her head from cold and wind after surf. A Dana Beanie does the trick, looks good and supports a cause. I got my first Dana beanie in a surf camp in Bali, where Rian was my surf coach. He told us about his wife who started this idea and about the women who produce the beanies. They can earn some money in a part of he island where it is not easy to get a job. Dana Beanies are also perfect for winter mountain activities. You don’t need to go to Bali to buy one, Dana Beanies are available online on Blue Tomato. Shipping within Europe takes 3 days and the Beanies are €29.95 each.

OY, the Bikini that stays in place.

Very useful christmas gifts for your surfer girl: a bikini that stays in place.A bikini that stays in place while duck-diving is easy to find. One that keeps staying in place during the worst wipe-out isn’t. That’s why I used to surf with a lycra until I found out about Regulas’s OY SURF APPAREL on a trip to Bali. Her handmade bikinis not only look sexy and sporty on each surfbum’s body. They stay where they should. No matter what happens and your girl can focus on what really matters: surfing!

Order online, but watch out: you can get different sizes for tops and bottoms for a perfect fit. Not an easy win for a guy. You will find a guide on how to buy the perfect-fitting bikini on the page. Find out what lingerie-sizes your girlfriend likes to wear and order one size smaller. I did so and I am happy cause it fits perfect, and it needs to be tight! The set is around €80 and will be shipped within 7 days. Enhance your gift with a nice towel or some sport leggings from OY if you want to surprise your girlfriend even more.

The surfboard of her dreams.

The best Christmas gifts for your surfer girl: her own custom board.This one is on every surfer girl’s wish list: her own, custom made surfboard. Unique, handmade, not off-the-rack. Her favorite shape and colors blended into a rideable piece of art. Behind the brand Bob’s Boards are Sam and Ana, a couple living in Lagos, Portugal. They design and craft beautiful boards with a lot of love and passion. A very special and colorful way of glassing makes every board an eye catcher in the lineup. We visited Bob’s Boards in Lagos and apart from the touching love story they have a lot to tell about their love for surfing.

Being on honeymoon in Hawaii right now, they might not be able to deliver a surfboard for Christmas. Make a nice card and invite her on a surftrip to Lagos next year where you can pick up the board and ride it right away. There are many surfspots around Lagos, and January throughout March usually offer some decent winter swells that light up the beaches in the south. If you prefer home delivery, Bob’s Boards delivers throughout Europe. This present is definitely not a cheap one, so be prepared to spend at least around €500 for a shortboard (longboards usually cost a bit more). But it is worth to see your girlfriend happy, keen to surf and even improving. You will surely both profit of it!


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