After last year’s bivi-experience I decided to buy a tent I can use during the winter season as well. The nice guy at the shop told me that I would really need a four season tent which means $ 1’000.– or even more. Without that much money in my pocket and not really keen to spend so much anyway it was time to find out why you really need such an expensive tent to go winter camping.

I bought a 25$ tent in the next supermarket and last week, I finally had the chance to put it to the test on a nice evening high above sea level. Well, it was part of the game to go to the camping ground without checking the content of the tent. No wonder it came without ropes which is a big disadtvantage if the wind blows with 50km/h. In fact I didn’t dare to go out of the tent for quite a while because I thought it would be blown away immediately. 

What I learnt: if you intend to go camping in winter more often, a four season tent and the corresponding 1’000 bucks are well worth it! I wouldn’t wanna spend more than one night in a tent like the one I got. In fact, I will never again spend a night in the snow with it…


Back in the days, we used to go to Atzmännig for the snownight quite often. But as we grew older and snow levels rose, those snownights got more and more rare. Last week, some of us finally gathered again for some fun and a good fondue. The slope is rather short, in fact it takes around a minute to get from top to bottom. But it still can be fun and if you wanna learn slopestyle-tricks it’s very helpful as you are going to do the same run 20 times if you like.

Snowboarding at night is always fun, especially when you score some freshies. 

Sometimes you even hit the real stuff when you go snowboarding at night. Happened to us last winter in Sedrun.

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Even though winter just started, it’s time to start thinking about your next surf trip. What about surfing the Azores with us? 


An archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, right in the way of the storms that bring swell to Europe’s west coast. Our next trip is booked and you can join us.

The gravityking popup-Surfcamp in Capelas, São Miguel.

popup surfcamp surfing the azoresFrom mid April to mid May, we have rented a beautiful house in Capelas, on the north coast of the main island São Miguel. Three rooms with a total of six beds are on offer, breakfast and a spacious garden with ocean view included. It’s not a normal surf camp and we don’t have guiding and lessons. It’s more like going on a surf trip with your friends.

What we have is some local know-how, on our last trip two years ago we scanned the island for surf breaks, hot springs and the best places for spotting whales and sunsets. 

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We are looking forward to surfing the Azores with you this spring. 


As you can imagine, there are a couple of differences between what you consider as vanlife and the one we are living right now. Having finished an epic road trip along Europes Atlantic southwest coast we adapted “Rolling John Wayne” into a winter campervan. Some extra isolation, new gaskets here and there and the wintersport compartment I built two years ago. #wintervanlife at it’s best.

Getting used to it again.

Even though we’re very used to do live in the van during winter it still was a pretty big change. Especially because you carry way more stuff than for a beach-trip. Tons of first layers, second layers, windstopper, merino and down jackets eat up all the place in the van. Frozen drinking water and olive oil getting solid is the stuff you have to get used to, too. But all in all, it’s worth it. And when you hit that first chair in the morning, you forget all the hassle.

After years of waiting, I finally got the chance to try the skids I got for my skateboard. I was waiting for a bigger lake to go black ice as riding on a ice field doesn’t sound very fun. Last year we somehow missed it and the snow kicked in. With the driest end of the year in records Lago Bianco was this time covered with thick black ice for weeks, making for a real tourist attraction in the Engadin that is otherwise known for good snow.

Proof of concept: fail.

In fact, it wasn’t really fun. Pushing did not work at all and the skids were not holding on the ice. The next day I tried to mount them with a bit of angle  which helped for the grip. But it still didn’t work unless the wind gusts were strong enough to drive me. Along with the fact that it is pretty dangerous because ice is quite hard. The concept definitely needs some improvements for the next stage.

Black ice skateboarding
Sending it on Lago Bianco