The first week on São Miguel was about getting into surfing mode and further explore the island. We expected pretty bad surf due to strong northeasterly winds, but were positively surprised as we surfed throughout the week. After hitting the beach break called “Populo” in Ponta Delgada we took our time to show our guest places and treat ourselves with good food.

The wave forecast for Friday was almost 50″ at Nazaré. Being rather close (actually in Santander, 760km away) we decided to go there to watch the show. The drive was a hassle but it was more than worth being tired. The nature delivered a spectacle like nothing we saw before. And it’s true: you can really feel the waves crashing when you are at the lighthouse.

Unfortunately it was too messy to surf and the boys stopped trying after two attempts. Too dangerous… Here’s our 4 minute edit for you: pure waveporn in XXL-size.