We are back home in Zurich. Snow is gone, no surf on the lake, but we keep up the stoke. You can always ride a skateboard and the Swiss – even though the next ocean is hundreds of miles away – are pretty innovative in creating ways to surf. During the next weeks, we’ll show you how.

Meanwhile, we hang out at Baba’s “Pumpstation” and enjoy some bratwurst and beers.

While winter staged a comeback for the Easter holiday, we already quit and stored our snowboard gear in the cellar. For us, the end of the winter season has come. Somehow it was hard to miss two seemingly good powder days. But then, on the other hand, I was pretty ok with it as the rewards are quite nice. Two days left until we fly into another surf adventure. The Azores, São Miguel in particular, await us. 

There are tons of nice memories from our last trip to the Azores. Be it the perfect south swell we scored at Ribeira Quente “by accident” or the world-class surfing right in front of our eyes at the Azores Pro including a nice Jet Ski wipeout. Be it surfing naked at Santa Iria, wandering around the craters of Sete Sidade or just relaxing in the hot pools at Poça da Dona Beija. Want to know more about the Azores? Check out our destination page here.