Pacific Tribe: truly handmade hardwood skateboards made in California.

Woodwork at it’s best.

Last week I had the chance to take a look over Mark Swans shoulders as was working on Pacific Tribe‘s really fine hardwood skateboards in his workshop in La Mirada, a small town in the southeast of Los Angeles. He does it with so much dedication, you just gotta love those decks! As of now the are only sold via their website and through social media, but plans are to grow the business so he can leave his daytime-job within the next couple of years.

After seeing the workshop I got a chance to ride a couple of the boards together with Crystal, one of Pacific Tribe’s ambassadors. Watch the short movie with her and an insight on how the boards are built. I really liked to ride the decks, especially the bigger ones as they offer more weight and therefore more of that momentum that keeps you going.


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