Road tripping and getting around in Greece.

Greece is known for it’s sunny, sandy beaches and millions of beachgoers that spoil the panorama during the hot summer months, but that’s not your choice. Learn how to get around in Greece between surf and freeriding in the off-season.

Greece will hardly be your first thought when it comes to surfing and freeriding in deep powder. The relatively small Mediterranean Sea is not very famous for surf and with it’s very presence, it seems to make cold winters and snow pretty unlikely. We didn’t know either until we stumbled upon an article while doing research for an awesome destination for our next adventure.

This article is about Greece and our road trip in general, hit the following links if you want to go straight to surfing or freeriding in Greece.

Off-season is always more fun.

Over time, traveling to destinations during their off-season has become our way to go. It’s not only the fact that we are not into sharing the beach with sun-worshippers by the thousands. It’s what we learned during our first winter season in the Alps: the staff is much more friendly and you are going to dive much deeper into a destination when you travel anti-cyclic.This also applies to Greece. Even though the Greeks are always friendly, summer is a nightmare for everyone working in the tourist industry. And in a country that makes 18% of it’s GDP from tourism, that’s a whole lot of people!

Getting around in Greece.

Freeriding in Greece is not about perfect groomers, heated chairs with bubbles and conveyor belts. And surfing is not about full service facilities like you know it from France. It is about adventure and adventure starts where plan ends. Greece is the perfect place for it: ask a local (most of them speak English) or just find out. It’s not going to kill you to find out what’s around the next bend.

Personality Journeys is your partner when it comes to Greek adventures.

If your time is precious and you don’t want to invest it into trial and error, we suggest you contact Personality Journeys. They can and will help you with every detail of your plan, from lodging to transportation to guiding and everything in between.

The Greek are incredibly friendly and in a retrospective, this was the most impressive of all the trip. They are outgoing and you are in the middle of a conversation before you even notice. Greece is a very proud nation and so is every citizen and they love the fact that you are coming to visit them and see their country. And despite what you hear in the media, it didn’t felt like being in a run-down country. Off course there is some evidence: the roads are not the smoothest I have seen and the villages in the country look a bit shabby at times. But this doesn’t stop the Greek from celebrating, laughing and being kind to travelers.

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