Where to get wasted in Portland.

If you manage to visit half of Portland’s breweries in one night, I’ll toast on you.

First stop with DocVan was Portland, Oregon. We needed some equipment for our van and new wetsuits because the Pacific is quite cold in the north. Thanks to google maps we found Gorge Performance, an awesome surf shop where we got some insight about surfing the Oregon coast as well. Thanks for that!  Now shopping makes you thirsty, especially if you shop for thick and warm wetsuits in the middle of the summer! That leads us to the main subject of this article: if you are a beer lover and thirsty, Portland, the capital of craft beer with it’s stunning 78 breweries, is the perfect place to quench a thirst. And because a tummy filled with beer feels even better if it gets some food on top, Portland is even more perfect. So the question is not if and how to get drunk (because you will most likely fall into a brewery), but where.


We started at Deschutes for an easy start with some samplers and their famous Pretzels and went over to the Tugboat Brewing Company after a while. Unfortunately, my brewery-tour was already over after the third stop at 10Barrel, That’s the price you pay when you mix 20+ different styles of beer and start with the heavy stuff right away. The next morning was pretty blurry and I hope to see some more of Portland on my next visit…

Here’s a list of the breweries I want to visit next time, partly based on recommendations, partly on fancy brand names:

It will obviously take me more than one day so there is a slight chance I will see some of Portland – I mean outside the breweries – as well. Next time…

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