How to survive -15°C in a 25$ tent.

After last year’s bivi-experience I decided to buy a tent I can use during the winter season as well. The nice guy at the shop told me that I would really need a four season tent which means $ 1’000.– or even more. Without that much money in my pocket and not really keen to spend so much anyway it was time to find out why you really need such an expensive tent to go winter camping.

I bought a 25$ tent in the next supermarket and last week, I finally had the chance to put it to the test on a nice evening high above sea level. Well, it was part of the game to go to the camping ground without checking the content of the tent. No wonder it came without ropes which is a big disadtvantage if the wind blows with 50km/h. In fact I didn’t dare to go out of the tent for quite a while because I thought it would be blown away immediately. 

What I learnt: if you intend to go camping in winter more often, a four season tent and the corresponding 1’000 bucks are well worth it! I wouldn’t wanna spend more than one night in a tent like the one I got. In fact, I will never again spend a night in the snow with it…


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