World class waves, empty lineups and a hot spring to relax after the surf. That’s surfing the Azores.

Are you keen for some surf holidays? As soon as possible? We still have spots in our Azores surf house from April 22 until May 6.

Never heard about the Azores? That’s a small archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Most people know the islands because of the “Azores High”, a high pressure system that develops over the islands each summer. Spring, though, is surf season, and our surf villa is slowly filling up. So better be fast before the spaces are sold out ;-).

The gravityking popup-Surfcamp in Capelas, São Miguel.

popup surfcamp surfing the azoresFrom mid April to mid May, we have rented a beautiful house in Capelas, on the north coast of the main island São Miguel. Three rooms with a total of six beds are on offer, breakfast and a spacious garden with ocean view included. It’s not a normal surf camp and we don’t have guiding and lessons*. It’s more like going on a surf trip with your friends.

What we have is some local know-how, on our last trip two years ago we scanned the island for surf breaks, hot springs and the best places for spotting whales and sunsets. 


We are looking forward to surfing the Azores with you this spring. 


* of course we can help you getting lessons, rental cards etc., just let us know.

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