Wakesurfing with Ceccotorenas – Every Monday Morning episode 39.

Living in a landlocked country can be hard if you need vitamin sea badly. It’s a good thing we have lakes and boats on them. Combined correctly, the two of them give us solution number two for landlocked surfing: wakesurfing. 

About 15 years ago, wakesurfing evolved from wakeboarding (allthough the idea of surfing the wake of a boat might be older) and went through the roof in no time. At least in Switzerland, which must be a combination of so many surfers gathering in a country so far away from the next surfable beach. Around ten years ago I spent a fortune to go wakesurfing on a daily basis and made some nice progress. But that’s long ago and today I’d rather spend that money for my next surf trip.

But it was still nice to have a ride and see how much skills I had left after 10 years.

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