Meet Sudden Rush’s Chris Bachmann – EMM episode 45.

Summer took a break and went on holidays leaving nothing but cold temperatures and rain last week. Time to find a cozy place to shoot this episode of Every Monday Morning. I needed some answers from Chris anyway for an episode that’s coming up, so I decided to make a little experiment with a new format.

People like Chris have too much to say to cut it down into a 3 minute edit. So I ended up with something like the “10 minute Chat format”. 


And here’s something about Chris for our english speaking friends, as I couldn’t manage to make subtitles for the interview yet. After working as a travel agent in Oahu for four years, Chris came back to Switzerland with no plan and founded Sudden Rush, the Swiss surf travel agency. Back in 1998 he started selling the stoke long before surfing got trendy and without the help of the internet.


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In touch with our planet’s lung.

Two years later he first visited the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil and immediately fell in love with it, the animals and the people. This led to the foundation of As an NGO, the foundation buys as much rainforest as possible in order to protect it from being cut down. One part of the financing is Chris’ second business, the Sudden Rush Shot, which donates 10% of the income to the foundation. In the same sip, it gives you energy in abundance. No matter if you have a long workday ahead or if you’re in need for a turbo boost to climb that last hill for the powderline of your life, the Guarana shot will help. It also helps saving the planet, allowing Chris to buy 10k square meters of rainforest last year.

You can as well buy a piece of rainforest the size you desire online. Perfect to offset your carbon footprint and unlike other “products” available, you can be sure it does offset some real carbon during your lifetime. You can even watch it doing, just ask Chris, Sudden Rush has a surf house available which is situated in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by protected forest.

Sorry for our english speaking folks, no subtitles for you this time 🙁

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