Burton #campon – a weekend in the middle of the week.

Siri didn’t win too often when she participated in raffles and sometimes she got a bit sad about it. But as it is with everything involving luck, most times you lose and sometimes you win, it’s in the very nature of it. A week ago she came into the editing room jumping around shouting “I won, I won!”. Not just a sticker or a beanie: she won two places for the Burton #campon. An event created to share the passion for the outdoors and showcase Burton products as the well known snowboard brand pushes towards the outdoor market. But instead of making big shiny ads in magazines, they invite small groups to a micro-adventure with some of their athletes. A very nice approach that creates strong bonds to the brand. And the fact that we got invited was even nicer.

The film explains everything, so no need to do it once more. Dankeschön Burton Europe, Hanna and Hasi, Brusti, Hitsch, Grilo and the Burton store crew for a wonderful adventure and dankeschön Silvano Zeiter for the wonderful Pink Floyd interpretation!


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